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Important information about the Office of the Ombuds

The office of the ombuds is a place where members of the UC San Diego community can go to receive assistance resolving university-related conflicts, disputes or complaints on an informal basis. In order to afford members of the UC San Diego community the greatest freedom in using the services that the office provides, the office is confidential, neutral, informal and independent.


The office of the ombuds will not keep any permanent records about you or the information that you share with the ombudsperson. The ombudsperson will not share any information you give the ombusperson with anyone outside the ombuds office without your permission unless in the course of your communication with them, you give them permission to do so. The only exception to maintaining such confidentiality is where the ombudsperson has determined that an imminent threat of serious harm exists.


The ombudsperson will not take sides in any conflict, dispute or issue, and will consider the interests and concerns of all parties involved with the aim of achieving a fair and equitable resolution to the issues presented.


The ombudsperson facilitates communication when conflict arises and provides the opportunity for informal dispute resolution. The ombudsperson does not arbitrate, adjudicate, formally investigate or participate in any internal or external formal process. The office supplements but does not replace other resources at the university.


To ensure objectivity and effectiveness, the office functions independently with respect to case handling and issue management.  The ombuds office reports to the Chancellor's office for administrative and budgetary purposes but not regarding the substance of matters discussed in the office.